I come from a systems background in building automation & the HVAC Service industry. Working on large equipment, buildings, and the control programs and sequences to run them. That industry has been using visual scripting for many years and I had dabbled in code here and there, but was busy inside my own area of expertise. When I found visual scripting plugins for Unity, I was excited and started learning all I could. I was blown away at the robust, structured and streamlined capabilities of the various tools compared to the building automation industry.

I set out to make a game and like probably everyone, you realize a system or manager of some type is needed for really everything you want to do if you want it to work right and not be tweaking on it all the time. I originally used visual scripting to get the ideas down and worked through. Then having learned C#, I have started translating them into reusable systems and components. Some times doing a complete remake from lessons learned and sometimes just polishing up, making it clean. All with the end goal to support my game in the end.

As a developer you are always learning (and forgetting) something. I decided to make putting my ideas together into a package for others to be part of my learning process. It is teaching me a ton, and one thing led to the next, and the next, and the next. So, I’ve tried my hand at putting together a website of my own. Hopefully to help others, provide support for my assets and of course to make a little bit of money in the process.