Addressables Pooling


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Made with Unity Version: 2021.3.18 – All pipelines

Last Update: 3/2/22

Version: 1.0.4

Stutter free creation. Frame-rate respecting control of object pooling.

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Addressables seem like there are an infinite number of ways to use which can be intimidating. This package aims to simplify and incorporate addressables into a universal object pool usage and provide a system to manage your pooling needs while respecting gameplay.
This can keep your loading screens smooth, or allow you prepare for another scene mid game and provides feedback when ready. Addressables still uses synchronous instantiate just like normal, it's only an async loading process into memory. This package spreads the load for instantiation, to facilitate any Awake or Start process your objects may have or other processes in your game running at the same time. There is full control over the operation and speed of the pool.
Requires the Unity Addressables package.
Visual demonstration using ParadoxNotion FlowCanvas Asset. Not included.
  • Respect framerate and spread the load
  • Multiple pools can separate out different areas or groups of objects for organization.
  • Automatically reduce on-demand created objects that are in excess in the pool.
  • Use a scriptable object as the key for each pool to avoid string errors or refactoring issues.
  • BuildingBlocks packages stack components under the same manager.
  • No manger references need to be found. The drag and drop key and the object to return reference are enough to request from the pool using static methods.
  • Easy preload of objects which auto sets the pool amount for ramp down. Or you can set pool count manually. Or release an entire queue of items.
  • Spend Awake & Start calls in new objects when pooled.
  • Uses Unity to automatically manage all addressables counting and memory management.
  • Works with GameObjects only, not components, each receives a tag for the pool.
  • All inspector fields have ToolTips.
  • There is an extra material property block function of each object pool that tracks and distributes MPB's by name/key.



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