Color Pick


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Made with Unity Version: 2021.3.18 – All pipelines

Last Update: 3/3/22

Version: 1.2.1

Auto-generated global color libraries. Create & organize groups of colors for different areas of your game using a static class. Standardize your colors!

Simple as possible. Plug in color in editor. Use everywhere.
Colors are organized into namespaces and a folder structure to match, which represent a library such as UI or InGame. Each color provides the color Name, Hex, and of course Color.
With the benefit being how the color is accessed, and updatable. "ColorPick.StatusCaution" vs ColorPick.StreetLightCaution. The color being referenced can change but the usage by reference stays the same out in your scripts.
You can make changes to the template itself and update the functionality of all with one click.
Use your favorite online color palette tool to get your colors and plug them.
Usage is as easy as the normal Color API with the additional fields mentioned. Also, the alpha channel can be included in the hexcode and then the referenced color. A custom name for the usage of the color allows standardizing areas of gameplay and more readable code. For example, “Status_Hostile” with a shade of red in a library called InGame.TargetIndicators.
Updated to support HDR color, as well as using the HDR color picker in addition to using the hex value to enter colors in the manager for scripts to be auto-generated.
Also, changed the template structure to be simpler, support Dictionary Key, Implicit Conversions, Equals, ToString...
The demo requires the Post Processing Unity Package, follow documentation.
All entries are stored in a list for review, modification, and regeneration from the manager.
All colors are a separate script to navigate easier and at a glance.
Static script reference with custom named colors.



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