Input Abstraction


Per seat license. See Terms & Conditions.

Made with Unity Version: 2021.3.18 – All pipelines

Last Update: 2/24/22

Version: 1.0.2

All scripts use the same input commands regardless of player or ai and many more features.

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Integrate player controls in an invisible way to all other scripts player or non player.
Uses Unity's New Input System. This is not device support or configuration.
Synchronize and/or interlock control behavior between a player button push and a script “button push”. High level gravity setting or input smoothing. This can be very noticeable in some games, especially a rotation for instance where a keyboard press needs an acceleration and a script would have sharp or mismatched acceleration while having the same items or stats. Essentially an abstraction layer between your game and player inputs.
⭐ Integrate custom input behaviors.
⭐ All scripts subscribe to the same flow through of input actions. Player or non-player.
⭐ Adds the familiar gravity function to inputs. High level input smoothing.
⭐ Adds a pressed event reducing the need for coroutines at the end points.
  • Easily & visibly see what every input is doing in the inspector.
  • Adds player input override for script control of player actions. Input override.
  • Several input behaviors are premade. 1D, 2D, Immediate, OnChange...
  • AI requests through the same pathway for controls. Player and non-players subscribe the same way to an action.
  • Minimal script upkeep to maintain synchronization with the Unity Input Actions Manger.
  • Compile time errors if an input is missing.
  • Each player or non-player has a Control component which contains the template for actions and events available to the owner player, or non-player, and child items or function scripts.
  • Lots of helpful explanatory comments in the scripts.
  • All inspector fields have ToolTips.



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