Input Rebinding Manager


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Made with Unity Version: 2021.3.18 – All pipelines

Last Update: 12-7-21

Version: 1.0.0

Simplify the complex needs of incorporating rebinding into your game.

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Build your own UI to suit your game. Lay out your buttons and let this asset provide interaction & validate for duplicates or excluded keys per a profile and per area of gameplay. This asset will provide many events for each operation for you to use as you want, manage active key bindings for each device and user, manage all UI buttons automatically to display the correct info and make your UI hierarchy easy to manage and match up with Unity.
  • ⭐ Interaction, validation and displayed markings.
  • ⭐ One interface. For all rebinding, overrides, save settings, events, UI button managment.
  • ⭐ Virtually no configuration on the buttons. Set a name, a bool for if it is a composite binding, and a place in the UI structure according to a flexible model.
A system for displaying your configured inputs per the Unity Input Editor, making changes at runtime per device and per player and ensuring that inputs are validated and constrained appropriately, with as minimal set up as possible.
There is a lot to navigate to use the new input system with regard to rebinding. A simple application could be very simple. But making a robust system that manages rebinding with validation, per player and device, and displays appropriately and flexibly, takes a lot more. This asset seeks to provide a robust implementation of the process and a template to be fit into your game. Provide a simple, single interface to actions and information. Set up the buttons accordingly and there is no need to script or type strings to maintain anything unless you want to.
Uses Unity New Input System & TextMeshPro. Display and rebinding management provided not device management.
  • Mirrored UI hierarchy to the Unity Input Editor. Makes setup almost automatic requiring only the action name, and/or composite name in the structure.
  • This asset uses EXAMPLE UI for input display, rebinding, notification, and management of overrides.
  • The hierarchy allows automatically populated fields available for display. RebinderButton allows inspector debugging of binding properties, easy updating, shuffling in the UI, and maintenance.
  • It is expected you will need to change out the active UI per device.
  • Expected usage is through an additive "Menu" scene containing this assets manager and the UI components which would be turned on & off during gameplay.
  • Flexible UI grouping above the action or composite. Hierarchy example provided.
  • Does not manage device connectivity. Works with the Unity Player Input component.
  • All inspector fields have ToolTips.
  • Saving and loading of overrides per device and per player.
  • Profiles to define exclusions and data.
  • Player notification per action or status.
  • Status events for each step.
  • Manager references in all RebinderButtons are set from manager button for ease of use and future maintainablility.
  • No animations. All button interactions are scripted.


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