Object Stager


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Made with Unity Version: 2021.3.18 – All pipelines

Last Update: 12/2/21

Version: 1.0.1

Manage staged scenes of objects to massively speed up when you hit play mode, leveraging Unity’s quick scene loading.

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Automatically organize and build in editor, use at runtime.
Maintain prefab connection.
Leveraging Unity scene loading to load these objects quickly as well as async. When "Build" is clicked in the inspector component with configured fields, a stage per uniquely named set of objects will be created in the open "preload" scene under the parent Stage Manager.
  • Faster iterating time to start play mode and game loading.
  • Drag and drop fields. Auto setup on click.
  • All inspector fields have ToolTips.
Objects will be created and tagged for the pool in the editor. On scene load, objects will be sent into the Building Blocks pool in your GameManager scene according to the set pool key. When iterating play mode this can save a massive amount of time if your game preloads a lot of objects, or heavy objects when the game starts.
Simply query the pool for a count before your preloading calls to see if the objects are already available. This package creates and pools objects as non-addressables because of moving objects out of a scene, although that could be done. See notes in the documentation.
This package depends on the Building Blocks Addressables Pooling package, which depends on the Unity addressables package.


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