Scriptable Object Reference


Per seat license. See Terms & Conditions.

Made with Unity Version: 2021.3.18 – All pipelines

Last Update: 3/11/22

Version: 1.1.1

Auto-build in editor, use at runtime. Centralize navigation & reference of scriptable objects. Guarantee scene reference.

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Build a reference in the editor at the click of a button. Use that group reference during runtime to get references to your SO items. For example, a player has a list of items you want to save. Save a list of strings - not references - and on load, retrieve those references by the stored string names used as the dictionary key in the ItemLookup dictionary. All scriptable objects of the desired type can be found in one place.
  • A central location that visibly manages and ensures all scriptable objects are referenced in a scene.
  • Automatically gather all scriptable objects of the matching type with an inspector button click.
  • BuildingBlocks packages stack components under the same manager.
  • No manger references need to be found. The drag and drop ability of scriptable objects as well as the future proof ability to rename an item or the main reference and the changes are carried through your project, as opposed to a string.
  • Fast dictionary lookup at runtime through main SOReference, used for grouping, by the name of the scriptable object you want to use ie. from a saved string and type.
  • Multiple references can be set up within the manager.
  • Multiple SO types can be grouped in the same reference.
  • There is a simple button editor script included for functionality of this package. Use however you would like, where ever you would like.
Does not use any other packages.
Visual demonstration using ParadoxNotion FlowCanvas Asset available in the Unity Asset Store. Not included.



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